Hosting Your Event

We are so thrilled that you have decided to host your event and yes that includes workshops, at Studio 74. 

We know especially now more than ever, events are an intimate and special occasion. One to be cherished and held onto for years, so we have chosen to work with an AMAZING event planner who has over 5 years of event experience in the area and curates the BEST experiences!


Victoria will be your liaison for hosting your event at Studio Seventy Four. From the beginning of the planning stages to set up, event coordination and tear down, she is here for you to ensure you event goes exactly as planned. When some of those event prone hiccups occur, she will handle them with ease and whit, that is her super power.  We love working with Victoria because of her detail, attentiveness and sheer talent to plan and execute high level events. 

From your intimate wedding to your next workshop. Victoria and the team at Studio 74 are here to ensure you and your guests have the best experience possible.


We are thrilled to have you host your next event at Studio 74! We host everything from weddings, to workshops, to corporate gatherings. Enjoy private access to our open concept, exposed brick, 1300sqft studio space, and have the chance to take advantage of a blank canvas to truly create the event of your dreams. We can also support your dreams with our event host to create an event that your guests will love.


  • Centrally located in Downtown Collingwood

  • Support on the special events permit for your liquor license

  • Open Concept

  • Parking

  • 360° view of Collingwood

  • BTS photos when available

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