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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your booking and cancellation policy?

Studio 74 offers a 50% studio credit for cancelled bookings of up to 24 hours of booking. Within 24 hours, you will not be refunded or credited.

Can anyone rent the space?

Yes! For groups of 20 or more, please fill out our contact form on the events page with the details of your booking.

Do you have lighting? 

We are a natural light studio featuring beautiful windows on all four sides of our building. The light in the studio is dependent on the natural light outside. If you are booking the studio on a dark day, rainy day, etc, please bring lighting equipment with you to the studio, or you can rent ours. Send us an email if you would like to do so.

Can I host my event at Studio Seventy Four?

Of course! Host anything from your next workshop, to yoga retreat, to corporate gathering. 

Do I have to be a professional to rent the studio?

Everyone is welcome, if you need assistance with any of the gear, let us know.



Are you plants real?

Heck yes they are. With all the natural light in the studio, the plants thrive and look amazing in your photos, videos and on set for your events and workshops.

Do you have a Make Up Artist?

Yes, we can recommend many local artists. Just ask us!

Can I move furniture?

Yes! You can mindfully move furniture, please put everything back to its original home when you’re done your studio time. 

Do you have staging items and backdrops?

Yes we do. Add any of our 15 backdrops to your studio time for $25/session. Staging items are included in the price :) 

Is there a cleaning fee?

If you leave a mess there is a $100 cleaning fee (this includes garbage left behind, damaged furniture, split beverages, food, etc).

What if I am late/ have a lot of equipment?

Your booking begins at the time you booked for and ends once your time is up. If you require extra time to move things, load/unload, then please book appropriately. 

How are you following the new guidelines?

At Studio 74, we have a main street access and are we are open by appointment only. We ensure our studio has the time it needs between sessions for cleaning and sanitization with a minimum of 15 minute breaks between sessions. We have also worked with local companies to ensure we have the highest quality cleaning products and hand sanitizer for our guests. As well, when in the studio, we are able to maintain a safe distance required by our government. We do not mandate the use of masks due to the nature of our business, so the distance is strongly 

recommended and followed. 


About Studio Seventy Four

Formally known as Mayka Studios, Studio Seventy Four is locally owned and operated by photographer, creativepreneur and cheerleader Kirsten, aka Captured By Kirsten. She is your host, supporter and educator looking to support all of your creative needs well before, during and after you book the Studio. 

The Studio is located in the heart of downtown Collingwood at 49 Huron St. 

With large, south facing windows, the morning to mid day light is STUNNING for all of your sessions and events. We have blackout blinds if you do require a little more privacy. The location backs onto Georgian Bay, so if you want to take advantage of the surroundings, head around the building to the waterfront during your sessions.


It is the perfect space to connect, create and truly be captivated.

We can't wait to connect and create with you!!

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