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You've worked hard on building your business. CELEBRATE THAT!

You put together the products and services your clients needed. Now you need to focus on the brand.


Why? You may ask.

Your brand is what people say about you and your business when you aren't in the room.

It is how they know about what you do and what you offer. It is the personality and the legacy your business leaves behind.

At Captured By Kirsten we strive to ensure your brand aligns with your business and connects with your clients. When you connect with your clients, they want to advocate for you, buy from you and support you, and in turn, they create revenue. At the end of the day, revenue allows us to keep going and continue to give. 

Studio 74 and Captured By Kirsten have partnered up to bring you the all inclusive branding experience called The Captured Collective - operating under The Captured Collective Corporation.


& Services

Your business sells goods and/or services to your clients so you need imagery to market those good and services. 


Show Up!

More than not, we are expect to show up online as business owners. That means you need content to show up in. 


Yes, You Need It

Let's be honest, running your social media on a consistent basis is a full-time job. Let us support that job without paying a full-time salary. 


Make It Official

A website gives you the authority and presence your business needs online. It can be a lot of work to bring that presence to life.

Our team is here to evaluate your needs, support your vision and develop the strategies your business needs to continue to be successful. 

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